33. Part W Collective | Zoë Berman


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In this episode host Emmett Scanlon speaks to Zoë Berman of Studio Berman. Zoë is an architect and a university lecturer. She has lectured on design and equity, and written for the RIBA Journal, Blueprint magazine and Architecture Today. Zoë is also one of the founding members of the Part W Collective, which describes itself as “a collective of engaged and proactive women working in design education, architecture, planning, engineering, policy, infrastructure and sustainability."

Founded in 2018, the collective says it is intergenerational - "formed by women from diverse backgrounds who are working together to call time on gender inequality, in all its forms, in our built environment."

In the podcast Zoë talks about the work of Part W, in particular the alternative list campaign, their first campaign and one which simply asked, if we did not have the list of men who had previously won the Royal Institute of British Architects Royal Gold Medal, who would be on that list? Who were the architects who were women who had been overlooked, forgotten or ignored? From there we discuss more broadly the challenges faced by women working in the built environment and architecture.

Members work in the areas of architecture, project management, place making, sustainable transport, design eduction and journalism - and include Christine Murray, Dr. Harriet Harriss, Hilary Satchwell, Kelly Clark, Sarah Castle, Sarah Wigglesworth, Yemi Aladerun, Sarah Ackland, Nadine Adamski and Fiona MacDonald and we work in friendship with multiple volunteers and supporters.

ABOUT:Zoë Berman is an architect, university lecturer and founder of Part W – an action group founded in 2018 that campaigns for gender equality across the built environment sector. Zoë is director of Studio Berman, has lectured extensively on design and equity, and written for the RIBA Journal, Bluep;rint magazine and Architecture Today. She is a Design Council Expert and member of the Oxford Design Review Panel. Zoë is writing a book profiling women who are shaping the design of cities.

Portrait photo: Morley von Sternberg

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