#417 – Betty White – Rivian – Comic Book Cybersecurity – Harley – Conviviality


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Show Subjects;
Celebrities that passed away the last week of 2021 including one of Scott’s favorites, Betty White.
Rolls Royce Claims It Has World’s Fastest All-electric Vehicle. Hint, its not a car.
Scott takes a train ride for the first time in over a decade.
Discover Satisfying Real Cheese Taste In Cheez-It® Extra Toasty Baked Crackers. Steve’s daughter loves them!
Upstart electric vehicle maker Rivian posts $1.23B Q3 loss.
Funguy The Entertainer has your positive message of the day.
Comic book introduces kids to key concepts and careers in cybersecurity.
Harley Electric Bike Company to Go Public.
Ford Shows Off Vehicle-To-Vehicle Charging, Turning EVs Into Power Stations.
A new type of Pretzel is discovered when the factory burned down, you really want to hear this!
Our Word Of The Week: Conviviality.

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