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Show Subjects;
We have a guest! Anthony from Vegan Metro https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRCOiDIUkoArZ2Zl5fLjwvA
There is a new color for 2022 and we let you know what it is.
Steve is just trying to survive this Quinquennium. then I can enjoy his…sexennial. (He just likes the “sex”}
He also wants me to write a song for him titled “I WANT MY LIFE BACK”
OSHA and the Mandate and the Supreme Court.
Our Genuine Positivity Message is a TRIPLE THREAT
Classic movie Soylent Green…Printed Suicide Pod Could Be Operational by 2022 The Sarco suicide pod aims to take assisted dying out of doctors’ hands with AI and 3D printing.
We talk about new movies we want to see and some of the classics we want to watch again.
Our Word Of The Week: Assless Chaps…I mean what are they called if they are not assless?

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