100: Jeff's arm was torn off


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Remember back in the day, when everyone got up on Monday morning, and went to work?

I’ve worked from home for a long time, but I do remember having jobs with that kind of routine. Wake up, take a shower, have some coffee and breakfast, drive to work, and come back home at the end of the day. Next morning, you do the same thing.

In the past couple of years, because of the pandemic, a lot more people are working from home instead of going into an office. But still, even if you don’t leave your house, your work process means that there are things you do each day, day after day. To some extent that can get kind of boring. But in some ways, there’s a certain comfort in the routine, because you know exactly what to expect. When you go to work, you know – for the most part – what’s going to happen.

My conversation today is with Jeff. He had a job that pretty routine. It was manual labor, not very enjoyable, but he knew what to expect. He knew each day what was going to happen when he got to work.

Except one day.

When he arrived at work on this particular day, he had no idea that this would be his last day working at this job.

He also would never have guessed that even though he arrived at work that day with two arms, he would leave with only one.

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