18 - Our kit recommendations for macro photography


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Have you ever stopped and wondered how close-ups of flowers, butterflies, etc., are taken? These pictures are the ones we repeatedly take regularly.

Over many years we have tested many bits of equipment. Some have been a help; others have ended up in a box somewhere.

In this episode, we will tell you what we carry with us. Why we do it and how we use it. Learn from our successes and failures.

You’re going to be surprised by some of the equipment we use. But over the years, we have refined what we take with us. What helps us create spectacular and individual pictures; of the intricate, macro world that surrounds us all.

Take a journey into the world of macro photography. Don’t make the mistakes we did. Find out what we have ended up using, and learn from us.

Companies that manufacture the products we mention in the podcast.

O’Tom Tick Twister - https://www.otom.com/

Zeiss Binoculars - https://www.zeiss.co.uk/

Gitzo - https://www.gitzo.com/uk-en/

Arca Swiss - https://www.arca-shop.de/en/

Manfrotto - https://www.manfrotto.com/

Sto Fen - http://www.stofen.net/

Lumecube - https://lumecube.com/

Wimberley - https://www.tripodhead.com/

X-Rite - https://www.xrite.com/

Helicon Soft - https://www.heliconsoft.com/

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