Braylyn and the "Say Their Names" Mural Story


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No stranger to creativity, artist Braylyn "Resko" Stewart has independently gained success that most self-made artists spend lifetimes striving for. Born a natural artist in the city of Youngstown, OH, Braylyn eventually found himself in Louisville where he has lived for many years as an artist. Braylyn holds no boundaries to artistic medium - easily transitioning from paint, to pen, to spray paint, working both on a small scale and on large murals. Braylyn is also one of the creators of the "Say Their Names" mural located on 11th and Main in Louisville Ky. The mural has been featured world wide including NY times and Hulu documentaries. Painting a painful history. Sandra Bland, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many others. This mural is meant to capture the attention of those who walk or drive by it. The mural stands for the past and what he and so many others want for the future.
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