Cultural Flash 14, If Fears Could Fly


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We all grew up with something to worry about. Will the person I like, like me back? What will I wear on the first day of school? Who will I sit with at lunch? At 15 it seemed like we had a new worry each and every day.

Imagine, among all of those worries, if one included being publicly humiliated while going through airport security.

At 15, Jamii Erway experienced just that when a TSA agent at Raleigh-Durham International Airport asked her to expose her genitals in a strip search to confirm her gender.

When I read this, I was HOT! The research I did following this discovery only made me hotter. This episode of Culture Flash, I get into this country's lack of protections for trans youth, and how people who participate in this type of heinous discrimination are often backed by state and local legislation.

With the time I had, I could only scratch the surface but we made sure to include some resources you can check out to see your rights as a queer or trans person in your state. Check them out if you’re interested, and share with others! Knowledge is power, y’all!

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