Nehemiah 3 – Unity


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1. We have seen Nehemiah come from the capital of his captors to the capital of his people. We have seen the proper attitude and action taken thus so far. 2. In this chapter, Nehemiah is narrating the beginning of the actual work of building the walls. 3. There are some fascinating elements that must be addressed before zeroing in on the challenge. a) First, there was more than one person building it. b) Second, there were many different people building it (1) Difference in vocation: Priests v.1; goldsmiths v.8; apothecaries v.8; political leaders v.9, 12; (2) Difference in Status—v.5 4. Rebuilding our lives often requires the aid of others. 5. Therefore, every Christian must exercise Unity to rebuild our lives. How? By Recognizing… I. The People of Unity A. Priests B. Nobles C. Merchants D. Extra Hard workers E. Neighbors F. Strangers G. Families II. The Purpose of Unity A. For Christ’s Glory B. For the Church’s Gain C. For Our Celebrative Good III. The Pattern of Unity A. Worship – Patterned After Christ B. Community Hospitality – Early Church C. Complementary Roles – growing church Conclusion A. It is not about comparing goals. It is about completing goals. B. It is not a reflection on status. It is a reflection on purpose.

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