Nehemiah 6 – Integrity Part 2


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1. Last time we learned about need for forgiveness. Remember that to forgive is to value the person higher than the offense against you. 2. In this chapter Nehemiah is going to face personal attacks. If you recall, the enemy threatened the people. Now they are gunning for the Nehemiah the fulcrum of this revival. 3. The enemy was trying to destroy Nehemiah’s integrity. This chapter is put here for our edification for the tactics of our enemy have never changed. 4. Therefore, every Christian must maintain his integrity! How? By being aware of their… I. Insidious Intentions—v. 2-4 A. Man’s disobedience was couched in deception – Gen 3:1-6; 2 Cor 11:3 B. Satan and his ministers have the same quality—2 Corinthians 11:13-15 C. Jesus warned against this tactic and how to avoid it—Matthew 7:15-20 D. Paul warned against it—Galatians 2:4 E. Nehemiah’s Response – v.3 II. Adulterated Allegations—v. 5-9 A. John’s and Christ’s intentions were twisted—Matthew 11:18-19 B. Paul’s intentions were twisted—Acts 21:27-28 C. Nehemiah’s Response – vs. 8-9 III. Risky Recommendation—v. 10-14 A. Deceivers can be compelling in their swaying messages—Jeremiah 27:1-17; 28:1-17 B. Deceivers can be coercive by their swelling masses —1Kings 22:1-18 C. Nehemiah’s Response – v. 14 Conclusion: A. Integrity expresses itself in dependency on God and not on self. B. Integrity leads to joy-filled confidence. C. Integrity is bold through adversity D. Integrity speaks to the working of God

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