Working Like Dogs - Episode 173 Paws and Breathe!


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Co-founder and leading service dog trainer Lu Picard from ECAD (Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities), and professor and medical health care expert Joanne Singleton, PhD, from Pace University stop in talk about their groundbreaking new programs, Paws and Breathe and Canines Assisting in Health. Lu and Joanne give Marcie and Lovey the inside scoop on how these programs were created, how they are impacting stress relief for dogs and their handlers, and how they are changing the way medical professionals interact with people with disabilities and their service dogs. Lu also shares some of the exciting work ECAD dogs are doing throughout the country. Listen in to find out how you and your dog can sign up for one of their free online Paws and Breathe classes
EPISODE NOTES: Paws and Breathe!

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