SeaWorld Podcast Ep 19 - The Impossible Dream of brining Penguins to North America


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We have a big episode for you! The Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast team is getting ready for the big 50th meet up at SeaWorld San Diego where you can join them on March 22nd. Get your tickets now to the 50th meet up!

Mike introduces us to Frank Todd who is the man who wrote the book on penguin care for SeaWorld and the world! This interview is not to be missed! Frank Todd is our new hero!

Eric takes you on location to Aqutica in Orlando where he talks to Bryan Nadeu the VP of Aquatica and gets more details on Ihu's Breakaway Falls

Then Erin takes you to San Antonio where she was onsite getting a tour of the new Aviary coming to Aquatica San Antonio

Kyle Kitlteson is back with a new Marine Mammal Trainer Minute where he talks about positive reinforcement, and how you can use it in your daily life! are back with a new Busch Gardens Minute where they let us know when Falcons Fury is going to open.

Erin then finishes the show with a super fan interview with John McKinney @JohnM93 on twitter, where he shares his first SeaWorld memory and why he loves SeaWorld.

We also introduce a new contest to win 4 FREE Aquatica Orlando Tickets! email us at or call us and leave us a voicemail message at 530-289-6722 or tweet at us @SeaWorldPodcast until March 14th why you love SeaWorld to be entered into a drawing to win 4 FREE Aquatica Orlando Tickets!

Have a Whale of a Day!

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