Episode X: Who Killed Mr. Pibb?


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You’re invited to the Desert Island Society, where Madeline and Xander ask and answer the classic question… If you were taken to a desert island, what would you bring With the spooky season behind us we thought it was high time we got back to what made this show so much fun to begin with: food fights. We hop in the way back machine and lament, mourn, and fight over all those lovely snack foods that were snatched away from us too soon. We also are the first media outlet to link the Trump administration to the death of Mr. Pibb, the demotion of Captain Crunch from the admiralty and the suspicious disappearance of the fan favorite wonder ball. We are through the looking glass here people. Also is it freaking anyone else out that kids today talk about the 90’s like we talked about the 80s? I’m not ready to be old. Thank you so much for your kind reviews, please do keep them coming we’re both terribly addicted to positive reinforcement.

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