75: How to Practice Gratitude Daily (w/ David Scheiner)​ - Journaling tips & full 10m Meditation inside


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Hey everyone!

In this episode, I brought David Scheiner on the show and we talked about how we could practice showing gratitude in life.

I met David when I joined an exclusive community of Jesse Itzler called The Big Ass Calendar Club, where David is a coach. David is an amazing lifecoach, chiropractor by practice, teaching meditation in mindfulness and guiding people through life to find their clarity and calling in their career and life purpose.

He shared that he keeps a journal where he wrote his thoughts and what he is grateful for in life. We also talked about the tactics on how we can attract new clients in our business and how we could set healthy boundaries in life that could help us lead a life full of gratitude.

And yeah - join us as we do a 10 minute gratitude meditation at the end of the episode.

Hope you enjoy this episode!

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