David Malebranche, MD, MPH - Parallel Perspectives: A Unique Look at HIV Treatment Decisions From the Provider and the Patient


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Go online to PeerView.com/ZWH860 to view the activity, download slides and practice aids, and complete the post-test to earn credit. Despite a widening array of effective HIV prevention tools and a massive scale-up of HIV treatment in recent years, there has been unequal progress with increasing access to treatment and reducing the number of new HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths, resulting in several vulnerable populations being left behind. Stigma and discrimination, together with other social inequalities and exclusion, are proving to be key barriers in battling this epidemic. In this activity, based on a recent live web broadcast, provider and patient perspectives on overcoming barriers to modern HIV treatment strategies will be examined. Additionally, the engaging panel will discuss the importance of establishing strong patient–provider relationships and demonstrating an understanding of the unique challenges faced by each individual patient living with HIV. Upon completion of this CE activity, participants should be better able to: Apply updated evidence-based guidelines and recent clinical data when recommending initial antiretroviral therapy (ART) regimens and switch strategies for individual patients infected with HIV, Assess the potential impact of clinical trial data related to emerging therapeutic strategies for HIV, Effectively prevent or manage drug–drug interactions, adverse events, and other complications associated with HIV, ART, and comorbidities, Establish strong patient–provider relationships, and demonstrate an understanding of the unique challenges faced by each individual patient living with HIV, Develop strategies within the healthcare team to link people living with HIV to essential HIV care, treatment, and support services.

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