Pi Day: Stories about a very specific number


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In honor of Pi Day on March 14, this week’s episode features two stories about how a particular number has impacted the live’s of the storytellers.

Part 1: Math teacher Theodore Chao goes all out for Pi Day at his school.

Part 2: Debbie Char learns what a flash point is while cooking a meal for her date.

Theodore Chao is an associate professor of mathematics education at The Ohio State University. He who loves using video and storytelling to get kids to share about how they really do math, not what someone told them they need to do. He is a former filmmaker, startup founder, and middle school teacher who now spends his time supporting teachers, writing articles, and using research funds to show that kids hold tremendous math power.

Debbie Char is grateful that along with silver hair, aging has offered opportunities to do what she loves. She gets to teach math at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park, sing with an LGBTQ chorus called CHARIS, share her love of books with preschoolers as a Ready Reader, cook suet for birds and meals for people in homeless shelters, bike in Forest Park, tend a tiny garden, explore the city with her husband and rescue mutt, play with her two grandbabies, and go to bed early.

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