Spotlight SE01EP6: "A Pacesetter's Toolkit" ft Pharmacist (Dr) Modupe Oyawole


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Episode 06: “A Pacesetter’s Toolkit” ft Pharmacist (Dr) Modupe Oyawole

Episode summary:

Dr Oyawole started out like most young pharmacists today, thrown into the workforce and having to fashion their way through it. Her burgeoning desire for excellence caused her to catch on to the need for a unique identifier and pursue it. She found her footing when she discovered specialization and how it could greatly improve the health outcomes of patients that she cared for, deeply.

In this episode, we talk about her unwavering desire for excellence and how that can propel a successful career.

We discussed her childhood, growing up as part of a large family with over 30 older siblings to look up to and how that served as a stepping stone to her successes today. We went into her career as a hospital pharmacist, her foray into business and other endeavours. She drops nuggets on how to consistently show up as a pacesetter wherever you are, borrowing from her experience pioneering several initiatives some of which include starting the multidisciplinary ward rounds at LASUTH, developing a specialised diabetes care program and so much more. We also talked about the importance of showing up in different professional organizations and how to break into such spaces. I hope this episode causes you to do better in and for your career. Enjoy!

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