Ep 291: Health Strategy for Peak Performance: Stress, Superfoods & Slowing Aging


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If you're ready for an innovative, cutting-edge, highly personalized approach to your health, this episode will deliver!

I must admit that I've resisted anything 'healthy' for years. Until recently I never had to diet. And I haven't had a regular exercise 'regimen' since college (we're talkin' back in '80s). But now that I'm approaching 60, my body is crying out for me to get intentional about taking care of myself (as Scripture commands: your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and we need to treat it as such). My guest today opened my eyes wide to health 'strategy' - a concept I had never heard of....

Meet Dr. Laura DeCesaris, functional medicine physician turned health coach & strategist for high achieving women and female entrepreneurs. She helps her clients perform at peak levels by providing a personalized blueprint.

Listen as Laura explains:

-why taking care of our health is so important and how we think about 'health' in the wrong way -the issues & symptoms high achieving women – be they in corporate or as business owners – struggle with - the importance of uncovering the 'root cause' of our symptoms -the 4 aspects of health: nutrition; exercise; bloodwork; and resilience -superfoods and how to identify yours -how to handle stress more efficiently and actually SLOW the aging process (wowzers!)

PLUS simple sustainable changes for HUGE results.

>> Grab your free copy of Laura's 7-Day Body Reset Guide: 7 days to better sleep, more energy & great digestion: https://drlauradecesaris.com (just scroll down the page)

Follow Laura on IG https://drlauradecesaris.com/ and LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-lauradecesaris/

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