Ep. 32: Where the rubber meets the road


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It’s time for the Blue Jays to get serious about the state of their season, and that needs to start with removing Yusei Kikuchi from the rotation. A lottery ticket like Ken Giles could maybe help. So could returns from Julian Merryweather and Nate Pearson. How about a projection-busting sprint to the finish from *anybody*? Second base no longer being a black hole? The club’s other starters getting back on track? George Springer looking like he’s not in agony? There’s a lot going on with the club, none of it particularly good at the moment. For the first time you can genuinely and fairly wonder about Ross Atkins’ job security. And yet they still hold a playoff spot, they still have an outstanding lineup, they are better than they’ve looked. They’re in an incredibly solid spot. They just have to start playing like it. Download the Callin app for iOS and Android to listen to this podcast live, call in, and more! Also available at callin.com

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