Marvel's Midnight Suns Reviews: Is it Actually Good? - Kinda Funny Games Daily 11.30.22


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Blessing apologizes to Need For Speed, Greg gives his thoughts on Midnight Suns reviews, and they both talk about some Weird Nintendo Decisions.

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00:10:00 - Housekeeping

  • Our Screencast reactions to the new Super Mario Bros movie trailer is up now. You can see Tim and me go crazy for the reveals on
  • Dead Space creator and Striking Distance Studios lead Glen Schofield is coming to stream the Callisto Protocol with us on Twitch and YouTube this Friday at 11 am PT! Come for Mike and Greg trying to survive the nightmare, stay for their gruesome in-game deaths!
  • The Roper Report -

00:16:55 - Marvel’s Midnight Suns Review round up

00:31:48 - The Super Mario Bros movie gets its release date

00:39:30 - Nintendo shuts down Smash World Tour ‘without any warning’

00:46:24 - Ad

00:49:36 - Elden Ring developers open up about crunch

00:57:02 - Sonic Frontiers has gotten a 2023 roadmap

01:00:31 - Todd Howard's Indiana Jones Game Is a 'Unique' Mash-Up of Different Genres

01:04:22 - A Spanish theme park is building an Uncharted rollercoaster

01:05:50 - Out today

01:07:39 - You‘re Wrong

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