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Grumble Goat

Grumble Goat

Mat Labotka & Veronique Hurley

A comedic grumbling of mundane trivialities. Mat Labotka and Veronique Hurley grumble through life’s little pet peeves. Do you hate gum? Have you ever thought about it? You probably hate gum without even realizing it. Follow Mat’s absurd infuriation down the rabbit-hole into frustration, while Veronique’s buoyant optimism keeps us afloat… of the Grumble Goat.


Andy Villanueva and Kaitlin Free

Its the #GOATZOOMROOM podcast! With Kaitlin Free(@katilinefree) and Andy Villanueva(@avillanueva3rd). Both long-time race trackers provide a glimpse into the horse racing industry. They have extensive knowledge of European racing. You can find all their selections for international racing and domestic race ata Geeohayeteehandicapping.com (@GOATHandicappin)
In a weekly conversation, comedians and historically influential dads Nick Gibbons (Adult Swim) and John Mangan (Stranger Things) offer a humorous riff on what it takes to be the greatest dad of all time. Whether you're a new dad or a seasoned vet, take your parenting game to the next level with practical tips, advice, true stories, and tough love from the self-styled GOATs of fatherhood. Submit your questions on Instagram @GOATdadspod
We are talking about everything goats! Whether you're an owner, a breeder, or just a fan of these wonderful creatures, we've got you covered. Join host and author Deborah Niemann as she interviews experts and goat lovers so we can all learn more about how to improve the health and production of our goats, improve our relationships, and possibly even start a goat business.
Dr Cara Sammons-Shepard, DVM is a practicing veterinarian in Maine and New Hampshire, and when on the road, the majority of her patients are goats. She and her husband have owned and operated a commercial farmstead creamery since 2009. In this podcast, Dr Shepard discusses different topics related to goat medicine and husbandry. Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/goatdoc. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
The G.O.A.T Channel Podcast **Right now everything is recorded on phone and driving to work, if it grows it will be more professional with mics and everything** Everything is in play to talk about so listen up you never know where it might go. This is the Podcast of the Youtube channel, The G.O.A.T Channel. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvYnX1sVQXj6ko-4cIpPMHw If you like to travel check out the travel blog: https://www.travelingchurches.com/ Merchandise - https://www.ebay.com/us ...
Join us as we dive into the world of sports and entertainment to give our both biased and informed opinions on the age old question, who/what is the greatest of all time?! Basketball, Movies, Television, Comics, Manga, even Literary Fiction, we won't stop until we've explored greatness in as many ways as possible. We hope you won't stop listening. contact us at facebook.com/mtgoatmore and andremtgoatmore@gmail.com
Yo soy Alex Snell , Atleta de alto rendimiento , Seleccionado Nacional y Empresario. Cuestionemos , aprendamos , salgamos de nuestra zona de confort fisica y mental con cada episodio de este podcast. Solo así podremos llegar a ser nuestra mejor versión de todos los tiempos.
This podcast is about change and life transitions. Guests share their stories of change - how they changed direction, dealt with anxiety and failure, and then finally, achieved success. Check out www.getyourgoat.ca
Whether you’re a scuba addicted wannabe fish, an ocean-loving conservationist, or simply inquisitive about science and nature, the Scuba GOAT podcast is for you. Join dive pro, Matt Waters, as he takes a light-hearted dip into a variety of topics and hosts global game-changers, leading advocates of conservation, service providers and rising stars alike. Matt aims for the podcast to supply relevant scuba and oceanic related news, highlight operators and conservation efforts around the globe a ...
Fantasy NBA GOAT is the greatest fantasy basketball podcast of all time. Show hosts are Ivan Slavulj and Purity Slavulj. Podcast: https://anchor.fm/fantasynbagoat Website: https://fantasynbagoat.weebly.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/FantasyNBAGOAT Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fantasynbagoat/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fantasynbagoat/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fantasynbagoat/ RSS feed: https://anchor.fm/s/9922f44/podcast/rss
Welcome to GOAT Homeschooling with Erin and Amanda. We've created the podcast we wish WE could've listened to all these years we've been home educating our kids. We will discuss the rights and wrongs of trying to homeschool for the "long haul," in other words, past those first five years ... and what we've learned works and doesn't. It's time to have the conversation with other homeschoolers about getting your kids to the finish line in a strong and excellent way. We've got a lot of great in ...
Goat talk! • Music • Lifestyle • Entertainment • Big bunda • (maybe sports) 'Olumide Is A Goat Podcast', they discuss uncensored opinions ranging from music to lifestyle, and other topics while also getting a free pass into their life. Follow, subscribe and RATE!!!! PS: This description is subject to change. Follow me on IG: @olum1d3 / Twitter: @FreeOlum1d3
Raven Breen (HipHop artist) hilariously talks HipHop news , Trends, and music, while objectively speaking opinions on the current state of the culture while also reviewing albums, videos or interviews about people in the current state of HipHop. (Explicit language) Cover art photo provided by Mikita Karasiou on Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/@starpollen
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Fun episode with the infamous Dan Cronin. Many would know him as Fat Bald Guy Racing on Twitter and website www.fatbaldguyracing.com. Kaitlin Free and Andy Villanueva lead the discussion about how Dan fell in love with the game of horse racing. How his dad, "Hep" Cronin got him interested when he was young by taking him to old River Downs (Belterra…
After a week away, Nick and Pat are back to recap an eventful week in Chicago baseball. After the Cubs went 0 for last week, they were able to rally to take four against San Diego and Arizona behind strong pitching from Kyle Hendricks. The White Sox meanwhile had a rough week, losing 3 of 4 to the Yankees and losing an absolutely wild, heartbreakin…
How do know when it's time to be a dad? Nick and John share how they knew it was time to daddy up. Also, Nick & John try their very best to interpret Gen Z slang. How fun for you! If you're just an OK Dad looking for practical advice on becoming the Greatest of All-Time, then heed the sage advice and hard-won wisdom of the 'GOAT Dads' podcast. List…
Are you looking to escape the burnout that sometimes comes up around this time of the homeschool year? There are things you can do to try to lift yourself and others "out of the doldrums" typical of this season. Hear encouragement and ideas from Erin and Amanda, long haul homeschoolers who have had many a season of needing to just inject some fun a…
This week Jon and Danielle cover some ADGA news, BUT the real Hot Button issues are discussed in the topic of this episode. Ugly bucks vs. pretty bucks, using over height bucks, pulling animals from a show after they earn a dry leg or finish permanent championship. It gets a little heated or controversial on this episode. Just know, everyone is ent…
In this episode, I go on yet another Caps rant because they disappointed once again. The Nats are not good but I'll go to the games anyway. I feel really good about the Mystics. DC United bounced back well vs Houston. These game 7s in the NBA had me hyped. The NFL schedule came out and I'm very excited about going to Cincinnati for Birthday Bowl 20…
Steve Crosby walks us through his journey to become a dive pro and what it has taken to stay connected to the dive industry particularly during the pandemic years. Many people have asked me how to get into and become successful in the dive industry. Hard work and determination... Be like Steve. He is a shining example of how to progress and focus o…
Since the advent of cave-painting, humankind has developed a taste for a well-kept home. From the chimney sweep to Marie Kondo, we have added task upon task to the list of expected labor necessary to pass the judgement of company. These chores are often divvied in NATO-level peacekeeping negotiations; or they may be left to fate in a Showcase Showd…
Seems like we talk about poop a lot sometimes doesn't it. While I'm sure I've touched on fecal analysis as part of a parasite management program in the past, I thought I would take some time and talk about the different types of fecal analyses we have available to help assess and monitor parasite levels in our goats and other animals. This episode …
Quotes on change: "What value am I providing? What is my purpose?" Dean Ehrmantraut was a Financial Advisor Assistant Manager for Wood Gundy. He was in his groove and doing very well financially. He would set financial targets, then meet them, set higher targets, and meet them, and on it went. But there came a point where Dean asked himself, “What …
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