Sex Afflictions & Porn Addictions with Craig Perra (sex addiction, porn addiction, sexual health)


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The world's #1 podcast on sex addiction & porn addiction. As seen on LifeTime TV, A&E, Steve Harvey & Katie Couric - dedicated to healthy sexuality and great living by former sex addict, porn addict, drug addict executive/attorney, founder of The Mindful Habit® System Coach Craig Perra.
Raw stories about his slow descent into the depths of sex addiction hell, coupled with a science-based, evolved approach to healing from sex and porn addiction will change your life and set you free from the shackles of mental slavery.
For more information and to work with Coach Craig visit if you want to aggressively attack your sex & porn addiction using an evidence-based program, taught to therapists and counselors worldwide, that will empower you to create healthy sexuality and a great life free from the shackles of sex addiction and porn addiction.
Craig and his team also have a powerful program for spouses of sex and porn addicts that empowers them to heal and move forward from the traumatic impact of sex addiction & porn addiction.

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