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Why do podcasts for learning English have to be boring and academic? If you are and adult with an intermediate or advance level of English, learn English with funny comedy podcasts at Chuckle English. The natural way to learn a language is to listen. If something is interesting, you naturally want to try and understand. So why not listen to funny and interesting stories? How to do it? 1. Listen once or twice (it doesn't have to be the same day). 2. Look at the text AFTER (not before listening). 3. Make a list of any words that you didn't understand when listening, but did understand when reading, make a list of them; these are words that either you don't pronounce well or don't identify. 4. Look all the words in your list up in an online dictionary, try and reproduce the sounds or use the phonetics to learn the pronunciation. 5. Once you have practised all the words that you didn't understand, listen again. You can listen another day or another week. You should start to recognise these words. MORE IMPORTANTLY ENJOY AND LAUGH

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