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This audio podcast, website, and YouTube video content is to honor and remember those who wore the Kelly Green and White of the Amesbury Maples hockey organization that was founded in 1924. The Maple team were once known as one of the best amateur/semi-professional hockey teams in the United States back in the day. This podcast and other digital content is put together an effort to preserve the history and passion the city/town had for ice hockey and developing exceptional talent throughout the teams 80+ years of being organized. We need to remember these individuals and learn from the past and put hockey development here back on the map because the interest in playing and dwindling numbers of local participants continue to dissipate year-by-year. If you want to be on the show and talk about your experience as a former member of the Maples team, or a family member who'd like to talk about a player of the past please email me at

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