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To an outsider, the world of academia seems utopian, the ivory tower, and definitely a place less stressful than the « real world » where the rest of us live and work. Statistics show that 1 out of every 5 students or 20 per cent of the student population, at one time or another, experience some form of mental health illness, whether it be stress related, depression, anxiety or what have you. One thing for sure, if you do suffer, you are not alone. And more importantly, there are places where you can find people ready to listen. People ready to share. Which brings us back to our Podcast and Nurau. Nurau is a new-age platform that deals exclusively with mental health information and support, our underlying mission is to de-stigmatize the negative attitudes associated with mental health. So people who suffer and those around them can understand that mental illness is like any other physical illness, in that it can afflict anyone at any age and from every walk of life. Partnered with our friends over at the les Fonds National de Recherche, our Podcasts will feature interviews with people like us- who will share intimate details of how they dealt with their different mental health issues. And hopefully they will shed light on a topic that up to now has been kept in the dark because of shame and ignorance.

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