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Noir Confidential draws upon the era of filmmaking known as Film Noir. Today, the genre is called Neo-Noir, but the same concepts, tropes, and techniques are used to reflect today's feelings of inevitability, cynicism and defeat. The pessimism, distrust, and greed displayed in classic Film Noir movies like "The Maltese Falcon" and "The Third Man" speak to a society racked by geopolitical conflict and economic disparity. All the elements that sparked the Film Noir heyday have returned to haunt society, and a new class of cynical anti-heroes and manipulative Femme Fatales have arrived to exorcise their demons by finding their elusive MacGuffin. Occasionally we will present a classic radio play from the 1940s and early 50s: some Dashiell Hammett (Sam Spade) and Raymond Chandler (Philip Marlowe), but to be completely upfront we are here to promote audiobooks in general and more specifically my own books like Deception, Delusion, Dilemma, Diversion, and Defection.Coming very soon is a special Noir Confidential Premiere Exclusive, CULT - The Podcast Movie. That's right podcast fans, we're bringing back Theatre of The Mind, radio plays for the podcast era. CULT is a movie script I wrote based on a short story published in my book Noir II. I've rewritten the story and turned it into a movie script. It is currently being produced as a special presentation just for my podcast subscribers. I hope you enjoy it.

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