Episode 10: Lynn Connolly Is a Secret Artist


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Welcome, welcome to another episode of A Tribe of One! Half the fun of doing this podcast has been getting to know the awesome people on the Sapien team better and learning more about their lives. And in this episode, we learned so much about Lynn Connolly, our chief operating & compliance officer.

Lynn has been with Sapien for a couple years and has done a lot to keep Sapien running smoothly and in the clear, helping us operate efficiently and scale our vision.

We had a lot of fun discussing a wide range of topics with Lynn, from art and horseback riding to notions of sovereignty and the power and limits of NFTs, even how to navigate difficult conflicts and keep them from getting too nasty.

We really appreciated this conversation with Lynn and think you will, too. If you’re enjoying the show, please tell a friend! We want to get more awesome guests on the show and part of getting there is growing our audience and spreading the word.

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