Episode 187: System UI: A Retrospective


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“Our job isn’t to remove complexity, but to manage it”- Glen Murphy (as remembered by Dan)

In this episode, we talk with Dan Sandler and Adam Cohen from the SystemUI team. We dip into a bit of history, talking about where things were at when they joined the team (2009-10), and how things have developed in the many years since, including how these projects and teams scaled from a single person working on it part-time to now having much larger teams doing many more things. Which kind of describes software development in general.

We also talk about how to expose (or not) gestures and features in a UI system. Related: there are some bonus pro-tips on using some hidden features of System UI, as a prize for careful listeners and podcast hosts.

Top: Tor & Adam, Bottom: Dan, Dan’s book cover illustration, & Chet


Dan: @dsandler

Adam: adam-cohenChet: @chethaase

Romain: @romainguy

Tor: @tornorbye

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