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Tonight join Carlo "Wild Thing" Bellario as he talks one on one with Actor Danny Trejo. Thats right Machete himself LIVE in the house...
Listen in as he talks about his new book Trejo's Tacos, how he is the epitome of a modern day hero by overcoming so many obstacles, and becoming a role model for us all.
He will explain how the road to Hollywood was anything but intentional. Listen as Danny tells us how doing good brings good back to you, becoming a successful restaurateur.
Youll hear him beam with pride on how his son is following in his footsteps and then some, how cool it is to be working with Hollywood heavyweights like Robert Deniro,Al Pacino. Also Trejo's Music newest release Chicano Soul Club Vol. 1, and SO MUCH MORE.....
All our listeners can order Danny Trejo's book by following the link
Please visit Danny's website, to get your copy of Chicano Soul Club Vol.1
When in L.A please visit Trejo's Tacos

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