Art of the Matter


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The topic of art is usually presented using a highly academic approach. Art, however, is meant to embrace and welcome, motivate and stimulate, and every once in a while, challenge one’s sensibilities. These fascinating aspects that should be informative, educative and entertaining in equal measure have hitherto been sidelined. To tackle this, host Arvind Vijaymohan, CEO, through ‘Art of the Matter’ aims to make the art world more accessible, offering a genuine insider’s peek into this fascinating universe, while addressing the untapped interest of the community, particularly its younger members, who would like to know about Indian art but haven’t yet found a channel that speaks to them. Each episode will present a conversation with an industry heavyweight, along with responses to questions from our listeners and a slice of what’s trending within the art world. Art of the Matter brought to you by Artery India and Red FM will leave the listener with a clear perspective about the various facets of art, therefore, making them capable of navigating the art world with independence and confidence.

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