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A humorous, inclusive, and Palatable Serving of Art History, brought to you by visual artists and Art Historian Stephanie Dueñas and Russell Shoemaker. We cover Art History in a totally different way - without all the gatekeeping, privilege, and that cognitive fog called ‘art speaking’. We dig into the famous artists you may have slept through during your Art History lectures, and the ones that have been left out; possibly due to their ethnicity, gender, race, sexual identity, or lack of institutional access. We talk about the context of the time, relate it to today and then we discuss the actual artwork: what’s in it, what it’s about, what’s it made from - is it any good? All from an artist’s perspective, and then we decide if it goes in the eclectic Art Slice Museum - which is definitely real and NOT imaginary. Oh… and we have to keep our hungry, hungry Pantrémons satiated by feeding them practical descriptions of art mediums and movements from our Art Slice Pantry, or they might eat us. Follow along with the images we discuss at or @artslicepod on Instagram.

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