Helaine Mario stops by the Corner.


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Helaine Mario is the author of the Classical Music Suspense Series which feature classically trianed pianst Maggie O'Shea as the protagonist. Classical piano music and several visits to France, Austria and Cornwall inspired many of the events - and much of the atmospheric and authentic settings - in the series. Helaine believes strongly in "giving back" to her community. For the eight years of the Clinton Presidency, she was a White House volunteer for Tipper and Al Gore in the Office of the Vice President and continues to be a passionate advocate for women & children's issues. In 1998, Helaine founded The SunDial Foundation, Inc., which contributed to non-profit organizations for our most vulnerable women, children and families for 20 years. In 2018, The Helaine and Ronald Mario Fund was established to continue this work. Royalties from all book sales go directly to children's reading, nutrition and health programs. Born in NYC and a graduate of Boston University, Helaine now lives in Arlington, VA, with her husband of 50+ years, Ron Mario. She is grateful to be a 2 time cancer survivor, and is most proud of her 2 children and 5 beautiful grandchildren. Her son Sean studied classical piano for 15 years and inspired the classical music background in Helaine's music suspense series. SHADOW MUSIC is Helaine's 4th book. Matt Coyle is the author of the Shamus, Anthony and Lefty Award-winning Rick Cahill crime series. This podcast is solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network

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