Ep. 176 – “Loud Mouse” with Cara Mentzel and Disney Legend Idina Menzel


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“When you’re doing something you love, and you’re passionate about, there is nothing like it in the world.”

We are so excited to bring you a special interview with Cara Menzel and her sister, Disney Legend Idina Menzel. These two have teamed up to write a wonderful new children’s book called Loud Mouse: How a Little Mouse Found Her Big Voice, which will be available through Disney Publishing on September 27. We speak to them about their inspiration behind the book, also how Idina’s performing career helped to craft the story. As a special treat for our listeners, Idina sings a bit of the melody for her new song that is being released in conjunction with her book. This was truly a special opportunity, we’d like to send a big thank you to Disney Publishing.

FEATURING: Craig McFarland, Brett Rutherford and Vanessa Ferguson


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