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Respecting Religion is coming back this month -- join us on our new podcast feed! Search for "Respecting Religion" and subscribe. The new icon will be a photo of Amanda and Holly in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Join BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler and General Counsel Holly Hollman for new conversations on religion and the law this season, including the most significant cases concerning religion and religious liberty at the Supreme Court. They'll be discussing government funding of religious schools, the religious liberty rights of prisoners, Christian nationalism and flag flying, the continuing debates about religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccination mandates, and more.

As lawyers and people of faith, Amanda and Holly think these topics deserve respectful conversation -- something that we don’t always hear in the public square or in our social media feeds.

Look for new episodes to be released each Thursday on the new feed, starting October 21, 2021. All of season one and two are already on the new feed, so you can catch up!

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