Jays Talk Plus: Pitch Development With Mitch White + Explain It Black Returns


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Blake Murphy is joined by Blue Jays pitcher Mitch White, who shares his reaction to getting the news that he was being shipped to Toronto, comparisons with Ross Stripling, future plans from the front office and coaching staff, philosophy differences between the Dodgers and Jays, developing and improving his slider, and whether he feels more comfortable as a starter or as a reliever (5:00). Then, Sportsnet's Chris Black returns for another edition of Explain It Black to break down Bo Bichette moving down to bat in the 7th slot, the downward trend for Alek Manoah with his pitches, the increased amount of innings he's pitching, why José Berríos' fastball might not be working, and if it's finally time to move Yusei Kikuchi to the bullpen (32:00). Afterward, The Athletic's Eric Koreen joins the show to touch on the parallels between George Springer's injury and Kyle Lowry's injury back in 2018 when he was with the Raptors, his pressure index, and why it includes Berrios, GM Ross Atkins, and Bichette (01:00:00).

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