Running a Brand Based on Sharing Content: with Maggie Kelley (Best of Bravo)


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This week on Brand:Me I’m joined by the ICONIC Maggie Kelley, also known by her online alias, “Best of Bravo”. Maggie Kelley runs social media accounts dedicated to the Bravo Network, keeping her audience updated and entertained with all that is Real Housewives, Below Deck and all that’s in between pop culture related. We discuss how her creation of a random anonymous fan account turned into a full-time hustle and how dedication, discipline and vulnerability contributed to its viral success. She weighs in on the importance of just having fun and not de-valuing yourself in order to grow. Once she sprinkled in her “Maggie” personality and integrated her personal life into her “Bravo” audience, a whole new set of doors opened.

2:32 - How did you start on social media?
8:14 - Growing on Instagram
16:50 - How do you stay engaged with your followers?
21:01 - Bravo Brands
26:37 - Must-Watch Bravo shows


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