Left of Lula with Valério Arcary


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In this episode of Brazil Unfiltered, James Naylor Green speaks Valério Arcary. Valério is a Professor at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of São Paulo (IFSP) and one of the leading public intellectuals active in the Socialism and Liberty Party, or PSOL as it is referred to in Brazil. Valério is an expert on Marxist history and historiography. He is the author of numerous books on the subject, his most recent being, The Hammer of History (O Martelo da História). He regularly shares his opinions and political analysis in publications like Jacobin, Brasil de Fato, and Revista Forum.
Brazil is going through turbulent times. There’s never been a more important moment to understand Brazil’s politics, society, and culture. To go beyond the headlines, and to ask questions that aren’t easy to answer. 'Brazil Unfiltered,' does just that. This podcast is hosted by James N. Green, Professor of Brazilian History and Culture at Brown University and the National Co-Coordinator of the U.S. Network for Democracy in Brazil.
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