#97 - What Happened at Canopy Growth? (ft. Chris Murray)


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Correction - Chris mentions Hexo/Truss drinks in the US containing THC. This is an error - these drinks are CBD only.

We are joined by a special guest, Chris Murray. Chris is a veteran in the cannabis sector. He was employee number 7 at Canopy Growth, which was the first Canadian LP to go public on the TSX and NASDAQ and was dubbed the first unicorn in the cannabis sector. Canopy played a pivotal role in shaping today's cannabis sector and today we are joined by Chris who had first hand experience in catching the monumental growth riding the unicorn wave.

In this episode we gain insights on what happened at Canopy. We take a deeper dive into the importance of company culture and how strategic decisions affect it. We look at the differences in strategies between a medical focused company vs an adult use cannabis company and why it's important to differentiate between the two types of customers. As M&A continues to accelerate in the sector, in this episode you'll learn how to view M&A opportunities through a unique qualitative lense.

Companies mentioned: Canopy, Aphria, Aurora, HEXO & Trulieve.

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