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If you’ve ever felt taken advantage of by emotionally unavailable men, who just wanted to have sex with you and then throw you away like a used washcloth…

​Then this episode will show you how to never be unappreciated and treated like sh*t by such a man ever again.

I had to hit rock bottom to have this “aha” moment about curating quality men.

I remember laying in bed in a cheap hotel in Thailand, bleeding for the third time that month with a terrible fever, on some random Plan B pill…

…with no one to look after me.

This was the moment that made me say “enough is enough…”

… and decide to never settle for anything less than a masculine, committed and loving man who wanted to give me the whole world. (and It’s not a coincidence that I attracted a man like this shortly after.)

So if you NEVER want to get entangled with a man who makes you feel used and unworthy ever again…

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