Interviewing the Real Football Experts. Talking to Football Officials with 33 Years of Experience.


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The College to Canton Podcast is part of the Rotoviz Radio & Blue Wire Podcast families.

Host: Travis May (@FF_TravisM) - Rotoviz

Co-Host: Stefan Lako (@stayfunlako) - Rotoviz

Special Guests: Blake Parks (26 years of experience as a College Football Official) & Barry Blackwell (7 years of experience as a College Football Official)

Travis holds a unique interview episode special as he is joined by two long-time veteran college football referees with 33 years of experience between the two of them. They dive into some top college football players and current NFL stars, some fun stories, changes in the game of football, controversial calls, the targeting rule, and more! We hope you enjoy this very special interview episode before we dive head first into college football and NFL season!

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