28. 'Cause Cheap Is How I Feel


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"It's the kind of night that's so cold when you spit, it freezes before it hits the ground..."
Has there ever been a better opening couplet to a song than that? Nope.
That's how "'Cause Cheap Is How I Feel" begins on "The Caution Horses" album, another single from that record that helped establish the band in the mainstream consciousness and on MTV.
Speaking of MTV, Michael Timmins and Alan Anton talk about their adventures in video promo land. We also cover the writing of the song and the massive contribution made to the recording of it by accordionist extraordinaire, Jaro Czerwinec.
"Your body for my soul, fair swap, 'cause cheap is how I feel."
Has there ever been a better closing couplet to a song than that? Nope...
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