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In December 1998, Julie Jensen was murdered in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. After an investigation by police, Julie's husband, Mark Jensen, was identified as the prime suspect. He was charged with murdering Julie by poisoning her with antifreeze and then smothering her. He was convicted of the murder in 2008.

Join Mike and Morf as they discuss Mark Jensen and the death of Julie Jensen. One of the biggest indicators of guilt, according to jurors, was something Julie had written and given to a neighbor before her death. It said that if anything happened to her, look at her husband, Mark. Mark's conviction was eventually overturned because it was ruled that he had the right to confront his accuser about this evidence. As this episode releases, Mark is back on trial for Julie's murder. But many years have passed, and her letter has been ruled inadmissible. Will this jury see things the same way as the jury did in 2008?

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