Episode 13: Famous Comedian Arnold Braunschweiger


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You’re invited to the Desert Island Society, where Madeline and Xander ask and answer the classic question… If you were taken to a desert island, what would you bring? The war on and for Christmas continues to rage and from the front lines we bring you a spectacular seasonal safari through yuletide cinema. Along the way we’ll discuss classics new and old, horrors from beyond the stars and the critical importance of the Schwarzenegger filmography to Christmas cheer. So throw on a log, grab a steaming mug of cocoa and pray for this horrible season to pass quickly and without leaving scars. Also why don’t people in Los Angeles believe in turn signals? I mean, its right there! I don’t want to kill you and you don’t want to die… Thank you so much for your kind reviews, please do keep them coming we’re both terribly addicted to positive reinforcement.

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