A Diaspora United Special Investigation: Is Catarina Macario good at soccer?


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The international break is over but it left plenty for Courtney & André to #discuss.
We start off with a quick review of some key scores and goalscorers from the international break, including France dominating then struggling, Marta doing a(nother) madness, plus the Aisha Buhari Cup and more.
Then we talk about the USWNT's two matches versus Paraguay and attempt to answer the question that seems to vex many a U.S. soccer fan: Is Catarina Macario good? We investigate! We also talk about the slew of bad takes that follow every big win by the USWNT, Casey Krueger being amazing, Crystal Dunn being disrespected (again), Sophia Smith being incredible, and Mal Pugh back and ballin out!
After that we do some quick hits on the potential chaos of Kansas City's draft exemption becoming a tradable asset and FIFA22 getting it all the way wrong with their Top-22 rankings. Then we hop into things that really got us heated, from geoblocking to the foolish idea of a biannual World Cup that refuses to die. But we end on a high note and talk about things that have us hyped (shoutout to the WNBA!).
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