[Insert Black Ass Title Here], w/ Shea Butter FC (part 1)


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~ C R O S S O V E R P O D ~
Between coaches getting the boot, owners actin up, Black players being disrespected, plus actual games, there was just too much to talk about by ourselves. So we linked up with the homies at Shea Butter FC for another crossover pod!
In Part 1 we rundown the latest NWSL scores, then Skye and Sylvs tell us what a Cascadia Rivalry is like in-person, and how dope it was to see them play at Lumen Field. Then we get COACH STITH's notes from the Gotham vs Orlando match, plus her overall read on a suddenly turbulent season and the new coaching hires.
We also get into Washington Spirit ownership falling on their face (again), look ahead to the start of the WSL season (the three Chelsea supporters take a break to have a little therapy sesh), then hear Shea Butter FC's superlatives of the week. We wrap it all up with a roundtable of what's got us heated and what's got us hyped!
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