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Y'all. Y'all! Y'ALL!! The USWNT babies went all the way off on Iceland so Courtney & André scrapped their rundown to react to all the Black excellence, gloriousness and wonderment on display! We talk the mf'n AUDACITY of Catarina Macario (we tried to told em!), the babies showin out, and remind everyone that this transition process should've happened a looooooong time ago. Plus we also talk about some things we didn't like, and still have questions about.

Then we bounce to Europe to discuss the Arnold Clark Cup (#HeBelieves) and Tournoi de France where we review England, Canada, Spain, France, Brazil and Netherlands. Courtney also catches you up on some CONCACAF W Qualifiers before we bounce.

We don't dive into Heated & Hyped in this episode since we were running long, but we will be back to our regular format next week. However, please know we stand with trans kids and trans people everywhere, so please consider donating to one or all of the organizations listed below.

Transgender Education Network of Texas - Please donate if you can
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