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WE BACK! Sorry we left you, but uh, life be lifin. Courtney & André discuss how life life'd em both since the last time they hopped on the mics. Then they get into shoutouts and spread some ancestral healing vibes to ballers we want to see back on the pitch ASAPtually.

After that they turn to the NWSL and drop three interesting points/trends/observations/whatever about the regular season so far. Courtney has a Trinity Rodman #HOTTAKE and André has warmed up to the proliferation of back 3 formations in the NWSL.

Then they discuss the USWNT's 59-player provisional roster that dropped ahead of the international break. We take a look at the changes that may have allowed for a different process, discuss just what the hell the team is gonna do about a 6, and slip into dreamland when André asks Courtney if a 3-4-2-1 would work.

To wrap up we have more words for this stupid, violent, white supremacist country in the wake of yet more mass shootings and politicians' stupidity in the aftermath.

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Nichelle Prince's filthy THIRD goal
Midge flexin on errbody
Switch the Pitch
CONCACAF Provisional Rosters


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