#111 - What's obvious to you may not be to everyone else


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Hello Captain Obvious!

Four years.

Or maybe longer because to be honest, I’ve lost track.

Let’s just go with four years. That’s how long I’ve been using Notion to power my…well, everything.

Now before you non-Notion users delete this message, I promise it’s not really about Notion. Notion plays a secondary role in my repeat performance of, “Captain Obvious, starring Steph.”

This isn’t really about Notion, the tool.

It’s about Notion, the idea.

This week I launched the first issue of Notion for Leaders — a newsletter for leaders who want to leverage the power of Notion to keep them connected to what matters most.

It’s a true labour of love, and the perfect intersection for my amibitions around both Notion AND leadership.

But I can’t help but reflect on the fact that it took me four years to launch something.

Listen in to hear what became so obvious.

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