Ep. #1: Why should you have a blog?!


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In a world of vlogs, is blogging something from the last decade?
We dare to say blogging is still a trending topic!
In this episode of Frontend Coffee Break, Chucho and Ricard discuss the basics, the latest technology stack, and the benefits of blogging.

Tune in and listen to their personal and professional blogging experiences!

Do you have a blog? Any FE related blogs you read?

Learn more:

- https://jekyllrb.com
- https://github.com/barryclark/jekyll-now
- https://brew.sh/
- https://gohugo.io/getting-started/quick-start/
- https://github.com/features/actions
- https://netcentric.github.io/

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- Chucho Castañeda https://twitter.com/honupo
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