Exploring the outdoors with 20,000 kids, with Hailey Renaud, kids camp professional and general manager at Sea Smart


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Summer camps can be a great way for kids to get outside and learn about their surroundings. Today we are joined by Hailey Renaud, general manager at Sea Smart. Throughout her career, Hailey has worked with more than 20,000 kids in camps at Sea Smart, Vancouver Aquarium, and in Ontario, and she has empowered all of these kids to take action for the ocean and the environment. Tune in to hear:

  • How to encourage your kids to learn (especially when you don’t know anything about the topic yourself!)
  • Why Hailey chose to work in environmental education
  • How camp can have amazing benefits for kids of all ages
  • How challenging situations with kids can often be fixed with a shift in attitude, a nap and a granola bar

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