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HIRED! The Podcast features the most brilliant hiring minds in the business to discuss how companies can better build their hiring brand and how candidates can successfully market themselves. Through incredible industry insight, we discuss the current state of hiring and where it's going.
Gary Miller guest-hosts for Travis this episode and discusses the life and career of his guest, Sean Dotson. Sean is an expert in the automation industry with nearly three decades of experience. Having built his own company, he has incredible insight into questions many entrepreneurs are asking. How do I get my automation company started? How do I effectively communicate with management/employees? What does it mean to effectively create a company culture from scratch? Through their conversation, Gary and Sean answer all of these questions and more.
Sean Dotson is the former founder, CEO, President, and Chief Technology Officer for RND Automation. Now, Sean is a thought leader for the robotics, automation, and packaging industries. He has recently released his brand new podcast AMA Automation, where he asks his audience to send in questions for him to answers related to the various automation industries.
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